OMEGA3 2.7.-7.8.2016, Mooste, EE

Interdisciplinary Art Exhibition
In Mooste Seed Sorting factory and its surroundings.
2.7- 7.8.2016
Mooste, Viro
Kuvaraportteja näyttelystä

Echo Gone Wrong

Participating artists: Epp Kubu (EE), Tuulikki Bartosik (EE), Aija Bley (LV), Inga Erdmane (LV), Emma Vilina Fält (FI), Villem Jahu (EE), Voldemars Johansons (LV), John Grzinich (EE), Pinksy (GLO), Daiga Kruze (LV), Anda Lace (LV), Kaspars Lielgalvis (LV), Johanna Lonka (FI), Reinis Nalivaiko (LV), Vanessa Massera (UK), Seth Nehil (US), Amanda Priebe (CAN), Laura Prikule (LV), Kelly Rauer (US), Edd Schouten (NL), Taavi Suisalu (EE), Timo Toots (EE), Ilze Vanaga (LV), Eva Vévere (LV), Krisjanis Zelgis (LV), Simon Whetham (UK)

Organisers: Totaldobže (Kaspars Lielgalvis) / MoKS (John and Evelyn Grzinich)

The concept of the exhibition has been built around the linseed sorting factory itself which started in 1970s and is still in active use with the original machinery in spite of significant changes not only in the local economy, but also in the agricultural industry. Inside the deceptively bland exterior of the building is an interior rich with surprises thanks to a complex maze of machinery, consisting of large sorting boxes, containers, and nearly hundred different lengths and widths of pipes and tubes for transporting seeds, grains and waste.

This sonically and visually impressive structure has inspired a selected set of sound and visual artists, musicians, choreographers and poets to ask questions and seek answers about this singularly unique context; What shapes memory? What makes certain objects valuable and worthy of preserving while other decay as relics of history? What processes comprise the making and disappearance of man-made objects? What are relations between these objects, their users and the environment? How can outdated structures for production be adapted for reuse?… OMEGA 3 is comprised of results of diverse artistic researches shaped into a multi-layered art exhibition, what can only be experienced at this temple of industrial agriculture found in Mooste.